After many years of decision, we were finally on the waiting list, our hearts were bursting to be foster parents. Our daughter was equally thrilled at the prospect of having foster siblings and was enthusiastic from the outset.

My wife and I have a loving Christian home in the catchment of the best schools in Milton Keynes. We both had enhanced police checks for our jobs and neither of us smoke or drinks. With the ever-growing list of children crying out for foster parents, we were very confident that Archway Care, an independent Milton Keynes foster care provider, would welcome us into the role.

With many forms completed, we were finally accepted onto the Skill to Foster training course which was run over a few months in the evenings. The course tutor was a tough, energetic mother of “strapping boys”. A note-taking social worker was also present and assessed us all continually as suitable foster parents. There were about fifteen of us on the course including a single lesbian and a young couple who had traded in their Mazda sports car for something more becoming of foster parents. We all got on very well, including the course leader and social worker, and we socialised and enjoyed pizzas together after many training sessions. Some of the curricula were distressing, consisting of case studies of sexual abuse and neglect. We were taught the skills necessary to get a child to trust an adult again and how we could avoid any false accusations from them.  Due to our daughter’s age, my wife and I were then advised that we would be fostering children under the age of seven. Seven years or younger happened to be the same age we’d stipulated in our original application and this seemed to confirm to my wife and I that we were on the right track.

Months later the course was almost at an end. We had enjoyed the course, the people the huge amount of homework and felt very positive that we were on our way to fostering our first child. Up to this point our tutor, social worker and fellow students had been warm and certainly had never expressed any issues about us to us yet that all changed in that final session.

That evening the course tutor made us all sit in a semi-circle around her whilst she sat on a table with a large Bible on it. The Bible had never previously been in the classroom so I was intrigued to find out why God’s word was there that night. Imagine my horror when she stiffened herself and then vigorously threw down the Holy Bible on the floor by my feet! “Some religious books don’t allow homosexual behaviour,” she said intolerantly. “Archway Care requires all our foster parents to PROMOTE gay, bi and transgender sexual activity to their foster child. Do any of you have a problem with this?” I sat nervously listening to everyone give a myriad of reasons why they had no problem with this outrageous demand. “I have a gay uncle and he’s so lovely” was a memorable response from one middle-aged course participant. It was now my turn.

I knew that to be a faithful witness to The Lord Jesus would mean us leaving those children on the waiting list. My voice breaking with emotion I uttered, “You’ll never get me to “promote” such activity. But I will continue to defend any person from persecution as I have done since I was in primary school”. The tutor never made eye contact with me again after that. The rapport which we had enjoyed over the months was instantly severed by her. We drove home that night emotionally shattered. Despite all we could offer a needy child, we fell short of being able to “promote” sexual behaviour to a child, in our case to a child under seven.

Underage children are having their minds raped by explicit sex education (SRE) that Milton Keynes Council and Brook ram down their throats. Brook advisors offer children abortions without parent’s knowledge when the free contraceptives they also hand out fail. Milton Keynes Community Foundation has an abortion facility on their property at Acorn House murdering 1,756 babies annually and they financially support Brook. We now know there is a promotion of sexual activity to underage children at Archway Care and uncompromising Christians, who adhere to the biblical doctrine of no sex before marriage and not leading a little one astray with such wickedness, are prevented from fostering.

For the sake of the many children needing stable, loving families – bullying and intolerance of Christians by Archway Care needs to cease immediately.

And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me.  But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. Matthew 18 5-6 AKJV