In Milton Keynes, aborting one’s child is no longer such a clinical affair, thanks to MK Mission Partnership! Mission Partnerships “outreach arm” – MK Christian Foundation, has set up a cafe inside the local abortion facility on Midsummer Boulevard 100 metres from the ecumenical megachurch – Christ The Cornerstone. MK Community Foundation who facilitate 34 abortions per week and the supply of abortion pills at their Acorn House headquarters is even providing free internet access to their onsite Cafe guests. Women can down abortion pills and Latte whilst awaiting their baby to be flushed down the same sewer as the Cornerstone Megachurch. And with the free wi-fi, women can write TripAdvisor a review of this convenient one-stop death shop!
Whilst women will have to pay for their french fancies and suchlike, the bill for liquidating or slicing & dicing one’s child, usually upwards of £600, is almost always funded by taxpayers. It’s also reassuring to know that the people cooking up this morbid menu of infanticide have a “belief in a God who is passionately concerned for all life”.  MK Christian Foundation is proud of its Christian Roots and the support it has from the “local Christian community”.
“We [ Christian Foundation] seek in our small and fragmentary way to participate in realising the Reign (Kingdom) of God, an important concept used by Jesus to describe what the world would be like if God were in charge.”

Above, we have the Mission Partnership sounding like God honouring Abolitionists but they’re anything but! I recently wrote about Mission Partnerships ecumenical, interfaith agenda, feminist workshops and the “abortion is complicated” response I received from one of their   ‘qualified female ministers’. I wonder if all this Korah type God-baiting has affected their Biblical understanding as another of their female ‘ministers’ told me God is a woman! When I asked for the Bible reference she was basing this on, I was told that it’s simply due to having an unsavoury father experience! I wonder if all their anti-life activity is based on an unsavoury child experience? Maybe The Bible makes it too complicated to understand ‘Thou shalt not kill’ or ‘I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence’.

You may think the Christian Foundation has simply been unwise in choosing this location and are against the abortion facility that former CEO Julia Upton allowed and haven’t read the chapters in The Bible about having no part in someone’s sinful ways lest we die in their sins too; you’d be wrong. For six years ago I wrote this short online article – A Christian Abortion Centre in Milton Keynes? Yes, really! Imagine my horror when I found out that the Christian Foundation in Wolverton hires out space to Brook at it’s Mission Partnership HQ, Brook is arguably the UK’s largest abortion referral agency and the darling of the Abortion Rights Movement. 

The Manager of the Christian Foundation has yet to respond to my enquiries of how this deadly compromise occurred. There’s even a sign outside Brook‘s own main outlet near Sainsbury’s, naming the Christian Foundation as Landlord!

Fast forward six years and I’m still awaiting the Christian Foundations response. Nowadays MK Community Foundation is proud to hold these deeds to the main Brook outlet of death and also fund the ungodly practices taking place there.

Last month, I spoke to the Christian Foundations Human Resources Co-Ordinator Martina Zatkova and asked her if they were still hosting weekly Brook  [child fornication/contraception/gender confusion/abortion referral] sessions at their Christian Foundation/Mission Partnership HQ in Wolverton? Martina consulted her colleague and then clarified the present situation, “We only have Brook come in and do irregular sessions.”
Christ Jesus commands us Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. Mark 16:15-16 AKJV. Maybe cafe guests are at least being evangelised before mounting the stirrups of the abortion slab? There’s hope, right? No hope here as Jesus’ command is not even available ‘off menu’, for MK Christian Foundations website states “The intention of those from the Christian Community is not to proselytise”.

You may remember last months blog exposing compromising Christian, John Moffoot. John is a Trustee of Mission Partnership AND MK Community Foundation (who facilitate the baby killings) as well as Director of Christian Guild Holidays. I’ve yet to receive a reply to the questions put to him in that article.

My open letter dated 8th August to MK Community Foundations current CEO Ian Revell is also yet to be acknowledged. Every week that Ian fails to put an end to his Midsummer Murders means another 34 innocent lives lost. Eighteen weeks and 612 dead babies later and all I’ve heard from Ian is that he’s blocked me from his twitter account!

When the Church is in cahoots with Mr Revell’s abortion facility making it “complicated” for our Christian Leaders to oppose abortion: is it any wonder that 70% of Christians are slaughtering their babies? I hope they choke on their Chai Lattes before making mincemeat of another innocent baby!

May The Lord rebuke them all!

UPDATE: August 2017 Rev. Stephen Norrish MBE announces the closure of his notorious ‘Abortion Cafe’. All Glory to God! Read the full story here.