“I’ll never have you on my radio show again!” was the last I heard from Jonathan Vernon Smith before the BBC bought my interview to an abrupt end. Apparently, my description of abortion procedures was too graphic and my Christian apologetic too Evangelical. So here I was: voiceless. I was despondent. 10,000 babies had died since Julia Upton allowed infant murder at her MK Community Foundation in 2010. I felt I’d made every mistake an abolitionist could make: ecumenism, secularism, placing trust in numbers etc. I had become an expert in what not to do. By default, I had no other option left than to do things right: God’s way. However, there was a  seemingly insurmountable problem: me.
Although I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do, I had no skills to even make a start. I wanted a platform, a website, I didn’t know how to make one and nor did my friends. I had ideas for artwork but didn’t know Photoshop or Illustrator. I had a friend who could design with these tools but there was so much in my head that it would require him to give up all his spare time just in understanding what I needed. I had zero computer; website; designer software skills. I didn’t even have graphic images of aborted babies because the secular abolition groups wouldn’t share them with me because I wanted to put scripture on them. Everything was against me. If God wanted to use a foolish thing to confound the wise: I was the most useless fool of all.

One night ​I walked around the abortion facility crying to God with frustration about my inability. I was praying that God would make a way for me to rescue the babies. I came home and poured my heart out into what would become my first article describing my failure to save a black baby who’s siblings were waiting with their dad in the car. I then hit the wrong keyboard button and lost the finished story. I cried again. I took it as a sign from God to give up. My anger and stubbornness, however, pressed me to rewrite it. I then taught myself how to use Weebly to make a website and wrote my second article about the woman (Julia Upton) who was responsible for facilitating this black baby’s death. Writing, which I hadn’t done since I was at school, was helping me to vent my frustration and give me a voice now that I was banned from radio. I even wrote about being rejected from fostering due to being a Christian.

I’m a full time train driver and in June was further incensed to vent my anger at my unions [Aslef] pro-death stance; followed by an article describing the worlds most vulnerable homeless which Evangelicals Now said they wanted to publish [I’m still waiting]. August saw me dumbfounded by the local baby charity, Emily’s Star: moving into the abortion facility which kills the Trisomy 18 babies they say they are helping. In August Ian Revell became the new CEO and I wrote him to ask that he stop Julia’s bloody legacy, alas, he found time only to ban me from his Twitter account. In September Our Queen and Defender of The Faith bestowed Mrs Julia Anne Upton with an MBE for her ‘services to the community’. But 10,000 of said “community” are now dead!

In September Rachelle Holman donated a guest article which proved more popular than anything I could write. In October I wrote about  Dr Barnardoes little-known prophecy coming true in my lifetime and in November exposed the scandal of the missing children linked to Mission Partnership. 

Things only got worse when in December I exposed the ‘abortion-friendly’ Christian Cafe; January saw me write about the Christian Creche that has a less than friendly record towards children and in February I voiced my unbelief that our local Vicar could be found working at the abortion facility whilst being Director of the Milton Keynes Christian Foundation who teach children how to sodomise and get an abortion without their parents knowledge. Where’s the public outrage? How dare we ever sing ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’ again!

March 2017’s article: The Sin of Saving Babies from Abortion brings me to the year-end bemoaning the compromise of the ‘secretly Christian’ abolitionists around the world who leave their Ephesians 6 ‘Armour of God’ home in their wardrobes whilst joining with secular abolition groups who refuse to share the Gospel on their websites, literature, sandwich boards, humongous banners [His banner over us is… secular?] or even verbally. This article created a big stir as Abort67 rightly albeit unrepentantly identified themselves as one of the groups I was alluding to. Their UK leader, Andrew Stephenson quickly ‘unfriending’ me via Facebook and his parents hurried to do the same. The more Biblical one’s walk becomes: the less people tolerate you. Fill their faces with shame; that they may seek thy Name, O Lord. Psalm 83:16 AKJV

My answer machine gave me a surprise welcome home: “Hi Andy, Johnathon would like you on his show tomorrow”. Alas, I had a train to drive but later listened to the stand in the BBC had used instead. Abort67 were far more eloquent than I but lacked one thing: they never once even alluded to the Salvation they themselves enjoy but chose to hide it under the selfish bushel of their heart. I fear I have left them without excuse when the time comes for us all to give an account of how we used our God-given talents. May I, therefore, have the privilege of telling you myself: Jesus died on the cross for our sins, was buried, then rose again on the third day according to the Scriptures.