Dear Rev. Stephen Norrish MBE,

​​Have you lately read the book of Joshua? I have and thought it remarkably represents the battle before us to rid Milton Keynes of child sacrifice thus staying God’s Wrath from befalling us and our beloved Town. It’s a battle between fear, compromise and obedience to God’s commands. Joshua, a type of Jesus, leading by example from the frontline, refusing ecumenical compromise, he served God alone. Did Joshua wink at Achan’s sin in the camp?  Nay! Joshua both uncovering and destroying it! What about the Gibeonites, did Joshua tolerate them to carry on their idolatries, fornications and child killing? Certainly not! The Gibeonites had the protection of Joshua only when they repented and served Joshua’s God.  If we are to lay claim to such safety in our Joshua: Jesus, we have to continually search out sin in our own camps and destroy it; there can be no toleration! Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?

Why then as Preacher of God’s Word and Director of Milton Keynes Christian Foundation have you tolerated those whoremongers – Brook: turning your HQ, Foundation House into a dispensary of condoms, abortion referrals and sexual pleasure advice on sodomy and sex toys? What concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?

You also serve as Trustee of MK Community Foundation who facilitates the destruction of 1,756 unborn babies yearly. Monies received from destroying those made in the image of God makes up in part the Grant Fund of the Community Foundation. Recently your Christian Foundation applied for and received a £4,520 blood money grant to fund an I.T project. I pray God gives you repentance to return this ‘Achan’ money.

One of your own sermons is titled ‘Sin & Forgiveness’, however, The Bible warns – Except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. Nowhere in The Bible does God advocate His people to work for Satan. There is no Biblical precedent to justify your Christian Foundation setting up a Cafe inside the Community Foundation, a building which is a modern day child sacrifice centre. 10,000 babies have been torn apart in that building since 2010 when I first raised my disgust at the unholy league between your Christian Foundation, Community Foundation and Brook. It is a disgrace that nearly seven years later I am having to write and beg you once again to repent of making a mockery of my Lord’s Holy Name.

How many sex diseases are in our local congregations today because you’ve allowed Brook to teach children that fornication and sodomy are not wrong? How many unborn babies have sat in the pews on a Sunday before being aborted at your place of work on a Tuesday because the Clergy lacked the faith to wield the sword of The Spirit like Joshua and preach – thou shalt not kill?

Local Clergy have told me for years that abortion is “complicated” and washed their hands like Pilate or worse, have taken active roles within the Foundation where the babies are slaughtered, yourself and fellow Christian Foundation colleague, John Moffoot, being examples of the latter. No Christian should have remained at MK Community Foundation after 2010, the year former CEO Julia Anne Upton allowed children to be torn apart on site.

Churches in Milton Keynes are filled with compromisers who tolerate women to pastor them; Clergy that tells us God is a woman and abortion necessary. Milton Keynes IS Canaan! Who’ll be our Joshua?!

​​On behalf of the 34 babies who lose their lives every week at your place of work, I urge you without further delay to end this shedding of innocent blood. If CEO, Ian Revell will not harken then the Godly thing to do is resign in protest. Come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing. Brook’s fornication/abortion referral Sessions must cease at your Christian Foundation to be replaced by Biblical lessons on purity. Such as the anus being for defecation and not sodomy or being licked by a fornicators tongue as Brook teach. It is a disgrace that I have to write this to such a one!

The Cafe inside the Community Foundation where said babies are being murdered must be removed as soon as practicably possible.

How long halt ye between two opinions? choose you this day whom ye will serve. There is sin in your camps Reverend; I pray you heed God’s Word and get thee up, Christ before us, rescue the children!


yours sincerely


Andrew Burton


UPDATE: August 2017 Rev. Stephen Norrish MBE announces the closure of his notorious ‘Abortion Cafe’. All Glory to God. Read my full report here.