8 August 2016

Dear Ian Revell

This week on Midsummer Boulevard 34 unborn children will be murdered on your watch. Today you became CEO of MK Community Foundation, after serving for 40 years at the local YMCA (Young Man’s Christian Association) which was once Presided over by Lord Ashley 7th Earl of Shaftesbury. I would like to quote Shaftesbury and say “On behalf of the most helpless, if not the most afflicted, portion of the human race” I am writing to you today with the utmost urgency. Your predecessor [Julia Anne Upton MBE] has left you with an unholy inheritance, that of an abortion facility on-site at your HQ Acorn House. A facility which the regulator Care Quality Commission describes as a “busy clinic, open six days a week. On average it carries out approximately 34 abortions each week.” I would hope if you won’t listen to God on this issue: ‘it is not the will of your Father which is in heaven, that one of these little ones should perish’ [Matthew 18:14].
Maybe you will listen to Shaftesbury “This state of things is simply wicked, and the continuance of it without excuse”.

Your job description states that from today you are “responsible for ALL activities of Milton Keynes Community Foundation” and you are to “monitor and minimise all risks that may endanger the Community Foundation’s reputation, operations, and financial position”. The continuance of slaughtering 34 babies per week inside Acorn House is at odds with the charity’s slogan – Connecting and growing our community. By facilitating the killing of said babies MK Community Foundation is allowing the destruction and reduction of our community! How will this sit with your supporters, corporate or otherwise as news of this atrocity is bought evermore to public attention?

I implore you to immediately give the MK Community Foundation’s abortion provider notice to vacate your premises. I also plead that you give notice forthwith to another of your tenants, brook, who specialise in the sexualization of school children and the handing out of abortifacients and abortion referrals [death warrants]. Funding to brook and any other business that harms children is asking for God’s judgement.

Like Shaftesbury “I have only zeal and good intentions to bring to this work, It seems no one else will undertake it, so I will.” I endeavour to see a day where no children are murdered in my hometown of Milton Keynes. Mr Revell the bloody baton is now firmly in your hands, history will show what you did for the children entering Acorn House on your watch. I hope history will not repeat itself, I do not want to see another hand stained with innocent blood receive an MBE!

There is no greater need for your attention as CEO than to stop these Midsummer Murders. Every week that you fail to act on behalf of these little children, thirty-four more lose their lives in the very building you now run.

Seize the day Mr Revell: save the children!

Yours sincerely

Andy Burton