Month: July 2016

Blood Money! How Emily’s Star Lost Its Twinkle

Despite living in Milton Keynes I had not heard of the local registered charity Emily’s Star until I was asked to deliver a donation of tiny knitted mittens and hats. Emily’s Star raises awareness of Trisomy 18 the UK’s second most common syndrome after Downs. and provide neonatal boxes of gifts for mums and their premature babies. The registered charity is named after the founder’s own daughter, Emily who passed away at 26 days after an emergency cesarian section and having been found to have Trisomy 18. Unlike Downs Syndrome, Trisomy 18 is usually fatal, less than ten percent of...

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EVICTED! The Worlds Most Vulnerable Homeless

Imagine you’re at home. Someone forces open the door and maliciously evicts you whilst simultaneously pulling off your legs, arms and head. Now imagine there was no public outrage over your murder, not even a whimper of protest from the church. Silence. Maybe the pastors all said it was a political issue or that it’s best left to the landlord’s personal choice. The landlord may have felt inconvenienced by having a tenant stay around for nine months and didn’t wish to wait till the tenancy had naturally expired where the tenant could be moved on to one of the...

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