Month: May 2016

“Promote Gay/Bi/Trans Sexual Activity To Foster Children!” Archway Care MK & Their Intolerance Of Uncompromising Christians!

After many years of decision, we were finally on the waiting list, our hearts were bursting to be foster parents. Our daughter was equally thrilled at the prospect of having foster siblings and was enthusiastic from the outset. My wife and I have a loving Christian home in the catchment of the best schools in Milton Keynes. We both had enhanced police checks for our jobs and neither of us smoke or drinks. With the ever-growing list of children crying out for foster parents, we were very confident that Archway Care, an independent Milton Keynes foster care provider, would...

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10,000 Dead Babies – The Legacy of Julia Anne Upton CEO of Milton Keynes Community Foundations’ Acorn House Abortion Facility

Dear Julia Anne Upton You’ve had a highly successful career in the eyes of the UK business world, picking up various awards for your “outstanding contribution” and meeting with the Queen. You’ve been CEO of Milton Keynes Community Foundation for around fifteen years and you say you will retire soon. According to the appointment brief for your replacement, your job entails being “responsible for ALL activities of Milton Keynes Community Foundation” and to “monitor and minimise all risks that may endanger the Community Foundation‘s reputation, operations, and financial position” and have “good emotional intelligence”. You are based at Acorn...

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The Black Baby About To Die

I was about to call it a day. I stood alone outside Milton Keynes main abortion mill; Acorn House. I was cold and tired. My arms ached from holding a large plastic sign displaying ‘1000 babies murdered here per year’, it was not having the shock value I had hoped. It’s a thankless task raising awareness of infanticide in a city I call Apathy. It was raining now. I pulled up my hood and ┬ánoticed a large 4x4 parking adjacent to where I stood. Mum and Dad with at least two young kids in the back. Mum alighted and...

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